Eating disorders (obesity, anorexia, bulimia), anxiety disorders, depression, emotion regulation disorders, interpersonal relationship problems


Master’s studies in health psychology at Vytautas Didios University

Cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy program at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Behavioral Medicine Clinic


ASL-08910 Medical psychologist


Lithuanian, English

NEWMAN Clinic psychologist – psychotherapist Agnė Žvikaitė advises and helps overcome problems with emotional or binge eating, as well as patients before and after gastric bypass surgery, people suffering from depression, chronic diseases, anxiety, sleep, attention, post-traumatic stress or emotional management disorders. Psychologist – psychotherapist Agnė Žvikaitė also helps people with problems related to phobias, interpersonal relationships, and divorce. Overcoming various problems takes place through the means of therapy of various schemes. Schema therapy is a long-term deep therapy that helps to overcome various difficulties in life. Its purpose is to satisfy a person’s basic needs, as a result of which the quality of life improves, the person becomes his own therapist. It helps to overcome various emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Qualification improvement

in 2021 Autism in women: recognition and support. Lithuanian Psychiatric Association.

in 2019 Suicide intervention skills training. ASIST Kaunas Public Health Office.

in 2019 Capacity building of counseling professionals in the field of suicide prevention: Crisis. Assistance to the consultant. Center for Psychological Support and Counseling of the Public Institution.

in 2019 Children’s motivation training: Understanding children’s “I DON’T WANT”. Public Institute of Family Relations.

in 2018 Stress Management Course: Mindfulness 8-week advanced stress management program. Irena Pėstininienė, Indrė Vaivadelienė.

in 2018 Mindfulness training for children and teenagers. Julius Neverauskas.

in 2015 Dance-movement psychotherapy methodology training: Dance-movement psychotherapy Pam Fisher.

Training experience

in 2022 Effective learning and motivation Klaipėda Lyceum. Modern theories of motivation, learning motivation. Methods of effective learning.

in 2021 Effective learning and motivation in Vilkaviškis r. Alvit school. Modern theories of motivation, learning motivation. Methods of effective learning.

in 2021 How to control your anxiety VšĮ Center of Contemporary Psychology and Psychotherapy. Children’s motivation training.

in 2021 Stress management and strengthening of self-esteem Vilnius Public Health Office. Continuing education on stress management and self-esteem building.

2020 – 2021 How to overcome anxiety VšĮ Center of Contemporary Psychology and Psychotherapy. Continuing education sessions on stress and anxiety management.

Practice and experience

in 2014 December – 2016 September Head of training at “Synergy LT” VšĮ. Head of training in Erasmus+ projects on personality development topics.

in 2009 February – 2012 February Volunteer – consultant Support Fund “Youth Line”. Remote  emotional support for people of all ages: Suicide prevention.

in 2017 September – 2017 december Postgraduate practice of a psychologist at the “Willingness” clinic, Malta. Organization of research and seminars, writing articles, monitoring the clinic’s activities.

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