While getting stronger after the procedures performed in our NEWMAN Bariatric Clinic and spending time in Kaunas, don’t limit yourself to just looking out the window at this wonderful city, which, not only because of its strategic location, but also because of its significant contribution to culture and history, is often called the heart of Lithuania. Located between the country’s major rivers – the Nemunas and the Neries – Kaunas has something to offer both nature lovers and those interested in history, as well as those looking for entertainment.

What do the locals recommend to visit when you come to Kaunas?

Skonis has no friends, but when it comes to the places in Kaunas that are recommended to be visited by a foreigner who has come here, the opinions of the townspeople are quite similar. First of all, it is Laisvės avenue, lined with linden trees, which attracts the eye with the surviving buildings of modern interwar architecture. Here you will also find the T. Ivanauskas Zoological Museum, which leaves neither large nor small visitors indifferent.

After passing this 1.7 km long pedestrian path, you will reach the Old Town, which attracts Kaunas of all ages and guests of the city. Night clubs, unique craft shops, the historic presidency, the Gothic St. Gertrude’s Church, Kaunas Town Hall and, of course (of course, after missing a long list of noteworthy places), the oldest surviving brick castle in Lithuania and the museum operating in it.

Corners of nature

Kaunas is a green city. And not only because of the world-famous “Zalgiris” basketball club! In almost every micro-district, you will find at least one or even several parks, most of which have been renovated in recent years (Äžuolynas, Draugystės, Kalniečių, Nemunas salo park and others), trying to maintain harmony between natural nature and comfortable infrastructure adapted to the recreation of the townspeople.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit unique, somewhat remote micro-districts or natural corners in the countryside, the real beauty of which photos do not convey. This is one of the most beautiful places in Kaunas, the well-deserved title of the Kadagii Valley, the Dubrava reserve district, the Žiegždria geological trail, the Marvelė cascades, the Jiesia (Rockai) outcrop and many other places.

Shopping and entertainment venues

“Akropolis” and “Mega” are the two largest shopping and entertainment centers in Kaunas, where, under one roof, you will find everything you need for a full-fledged life and recreation of a modern person. Starting with stores of the most famous brands and places of financial services, ending with cinemas, spa centers, children’s playrooms.

The “Žalgiris Arena” is located next to the “Acropolis”, where basketball competitions, concerts of world-famous artists and other various events are held. Do not miss the opportunity to take a look at the events planned in the near future, in which you could still take part while in Kaunas. Here you will also find a swimming pool (the Girstučis swimming pool is another noteworthy water entertainment venue) and a 24-hour sports club.

We have almost no doubt that after visiting these objects that represent Kaunas, you will return to this beautiful, hospitable city again! Of course – only for a longer period of time, and maybe even with family or a group of friends.

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