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Our team of medical experts follow evidence-based European and American weight loss treatment guidelines, which recommend
this method of weight loss if:

  • Diets and/or other weight loss methods were not effective
  • Your body mass index (BMI) is greater than 35 or 40 and you are suffering from other overweight associated chronic conditions (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, etc.) which could potentially be altered along with the loss of weight
  • You understand that weight loss surgery or treatment itself is just a tool towards achieving the ultimate results. Other factors such as
    your compliance with advice regarding changing your eating habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle also play equally important role.


It is important to understand that a surgery in itself is a huge challenge to your body. All the operations pose different challenges in terms of a risk profile which you will be able to discuss in great detail with your surgeon during the consultations.

Weight loss is a gradual process which will largely depend on the type of the operation and your body’s physiology. In most cases, the greatest weight loss is achieved within 1,5 – 2 years after a surgery and is as much as 50- 80% of the excess body weight.

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

If you have booked a consultation with us, we will expect you to share your story in order to build a long-lasting relationship with the NEWMAN Bariatric team based on mutual respect and understanding. In order to help you to achieve the best possible results, we will need to know more about you: lifestyle, eating habits, diseases and conditions which you have had or currently have. We will ask you to fill out an application form with all the above information and submit to us before the consultation. During this session, our qualified team member will be able to answer all of your questions and/or concerns, discuss possible weight loss options in great detail and help you choose the most suitable treatment. Your data confidentiality is a key priority to us and we will make sure that all your personal details gathered in regards to weight loss treatments are kept safe and secure.

If you have decided to go ahead with one of our offered weight loss surgeries, we will provide you with all important information about the benefits and risks associated with each treatment, so that you could make an informed decision. Before the surgery, we will arrange a separate consultation during which we will run a list of tests and checks to thoroughly evaluate your body’s functional status and lower any risks of postoperative complications.

Prior to the planned surgery, you will be examined by an anaesthetist who will be taking care of you during the procedure. Afterwards, you will be seen by the surgeon who will take you through all the steps of the operation in great detail one last time. During this visit, our surgeon will also address any of your questions or concerns so that you feel safe and reassured.

Following a treatment, you will be temporarily moved to the intensive care unit so that the nursing and medical staff can closely monitor your condition during the postoperative recovery period. They will also manage your pain relief and dietary requirements to help you recover quicker. Majority of the patients are kept in the hospital for two days after the surgery before being discharged as outpatients. Every day you will be closely monitored by the dedicated staff and have a consulting visit by the surgeon to check on your recovery progress. Before being discharged from the hospital, you will be provided with personalised information on your daily diet and physical activities for the first month following the surgery.

After your surgery, you will be able to enrol into our free NewYou programme. It will provide you with diet and activity advice, inspirational stories and access to our community. You will also have regular follow-up appointments with your dietitian discuss your progress, concerns, answer your questions in order to help you achieve the most optimal results and feel confident about them.

Weight loss surgery is a way of treatment that allows you to reduce food intake and sensation of hunger. It gives you an opportunity to form better lifestyle habits resulting in lighter and healthier body. Our team will work with you all the way through this exciting journey, creating a second chance for you to live healthier and happier life you deserve.

We recommend our patients carry out any plastic surgery/corrections no earlier than one year after their weight loss surgery.
However, you can start planning it six months after your operation to make sure it is booked in as soon as your body is ready for it.
At this point your weight should be stable for at least three consecutive months and blood levels return to normal.

Lithuania is located in the Northern part of Europe and has established itself as a well-known health tourism destination for its high-quality services, modern technology and acceptable prices. It has three international airports in Kaunas, Vilnius and Klaipeda that are served by various well-known and budget flight operators daily. It takes on average 2-4 hours to reach Kaunas or Vilnius from any other main European city all year round.

Each airport is located around 10-15 minutes car drive from city centres. You will be met by a dedicated team member at the airport on the day of your arrival and brought to an accommodation of your own choice or our arrangement.

The accommodation is not included in the provided price list for each weight loss treatment. We can help you to arrange your stay at the closest hotel near to the hospital or any other preferred hotel or private accommodation in the city of Kaunas.

Most of our patients stay in Lithuania for one week or even longer, depending if they also come here to rest after their surgery. We recommend to book at least five nights in Lithuania and come here one day before the surgery to carry all necessary tests, check-ups and attend your final consultation with the surgeon and anaesthetist before the operation. Depending on the chosen weight loss treatment, you will spend 2-3 nights at the hospital. The rest of your stay should be spent at the hotel or private accommodation.

In order to book your weight loss surgery date and to start organising all necessary aspects of your trip, we ask you to transfer a 10% deposit from your chosen treatment cost. Once you are ready to make the transfer, please get in touch with your dedicated team member and we will provide you with all required information for the transaction.

The remaining amount of your weight loss treatment can be paid at the hospital after you receive the final approval from the surgeon for the operation. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit and debit cards or cash in Euros. Please note that some banks have restrictions for payments abroad and you may need to inform them in advance about your plans or increase your card limit to be able to pay for the treatment in Lithuania.

Each country has got different requirements and we are happy to support you wherever possible. In the past, we have supplied our patients with a personalised reference letter detailing what type of a surgery they have planned, where it will take place and what it costs.

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