This is one of the most recent procedures in bariatric surgery. During the course of this surgery the tube is formed from the tissue of your stomach without removing
a part of the original stomach or using any implants.

Gastric Plication illiustration

The estimated results – up to 50% excess body weight loss in 1-1.5 years period after the procedure. It is important to note that weight loss process is slower than after the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgeries. This surgery is also known to have lower risk of post-surgery complications.

Other than gastric sleeve or bypass, gastric plication is also a reversible surgery.

Why this type of surgery is effective?

During the gastric plication surgery, the size of a stomach is reduced by approximately 75%. Such a reduction in stomach size helps to increase the patient’s feeling of satiety quicker but with smaller amount of food than before the surgery.

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