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Surgery time:
20-30 min.
Hospital (stay):
outpatient procedure
Expected weight loss:
up to 30% of excess body weight
2,950 €

Intragastric balloon (or gastric balloon) as a weight loss treatment that plays an important role in treating mild to moderate obesity cases in patients who are unable
to shift a sufficient amount of weight through lifestyle changes, pharmacotherapy options or simply cannot undergo a stomach reduction surgery due to health-related issues.

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Gastric balloons are designed for a similar weight loss function, improved safety, reversibility and cost-effectiveness in comparison to bariatric surgery. Amongst many developed gastric balloon options, the space-occupying intragastric balloons are the most widely used in practice. It is inserted into the stomach through patient’s mouth. The procedure is relatively quick, carried out at out-patient facilities and takes around 20 minutes. The balloon is then removed from the stomach after a 6-12 months period.

Despite the ease of the procedure, it’s very important for a patient to follow
a prescribed and personally developed diet and exercise plans vigorously and be closely monitored by a doctor. This ensures that a patient’s stomach can adapt to the newly inserted gastric balloon in the best possible way.

Why this type of surgery is effective?

The key principal of weight loss using the gastric balloon is delayed gastric emptying which, in return, sends early satiation signals to a patient’s brain thanks to the gastric distention.

A gastric balloon is a successful tool to kick-start weight loss process. Once a patient adapts to reduced food intake and focuses on healthier and leaner options, a gastric balloon often helps to lose weight two to three times quicker than following a diet or exercise plans alone.

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