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If your body mass index is 30 or more, doctors recommend that you take care of your health. One of the effective methods of weight loss is gastric bypass surgery. In our clinic, operations are not compensated, but payment is possible! Is stomach reduction the right way to lose weight for you, consult with bariatric surgeon prof. Antanas Mickevičius by filling out this form.

Gastric balloon is a non – surgical, non – pharmaceutical procedure used in the treatment of obesity. It is safe and effective way for patients that has weight issues, or overweight. Usually the gastric balloon we recommend for patients that have body mass index (BMI) between 27 and 33. As well as, if BMI is very high the gastric balloon maight be used as helping aid, to loose the weight before gastric bypass surgery.

We use the latest generation Allurion gastric balloon made in USA, which is implanted in the stomach for four months. It is a revolutionary balloon developed by scientists that creates a feeling of fullness in your stomach, less food consumption and thanks to the care of our specialists and the NewYou rehabilitation program, new nutrition and lifestyle habits are formed for our the patient, this effectively helping to lose weight. This program works in even 40 countries of the world!

Allurion gastric balloon and NewYou rehabilitation programe benefits:

  • Non-surgical and minimally invasive weight loss method.
  • Balloon is implanted in a very short time (around 20min.).
  • Easy implantation: the patient simply swallows a capsule containing a gastric balloon with an attached thin catheter through which the balloon is filled with fluid. The actual size of this small capsule is shown in this photo
  • The patient is discharged home a few hours after the implantation and becomes fit for work in a few days.
  • With the help of our specialists and smart technology, you will change your lifestyle, because during the 6-month program you will be supervised by: bariatric surgeon, a dietitian doctor, and if necessary, a psychologist who will help you solve the problems that cause emotional eating. We’ll also give you a smart body analysis scale. With the help of these smart technologies, we will communicate easily, because the smart scale will send data to our specialist who is looking after you, who will be able to follow the results in real time and share their recommendations.
  • After about 4 months, the balloon will deflate on its own and pass naturally through the digestive tract without any additional procedure.
  • Results: -14% average body weight loss with the 6 month program.

Intragastric balloon is a weight loss device that helps You lose weight during implantation and all rehabilitation program. At the end of the 6 months program, new eating and lifestyle habits are formed for the patient, so the future results of weight maintenance depend only on the patient’s motivation.

Gastric balloon as a weight loss treatment that plays an important role in treating mild to moderate obesity cases in patients who are unable to shift a sufficient amount of weight through lifestyle changes, pharmacotherapy options or simply cannot undergo a stomach reduction surgery due to health – related issues.

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