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If your body mass index is 30 or more, doctors recommend that you take care of your health. One of the effective methods of weight loss is gastric bypass surgery. In our clinic, operations are not compensated, but payment is possible! Is stomach reduction the right way to lose weight for you, consult with bariatric surgeon prof. Antanas Mickevičius by filling out this form.

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The SADI-S obesity reduction surgery involves a classic gastric sleeve, only slightly wider, resulting in a stomach with 70-75% less volume. After the duodenum has been cut, a new connection between the duodenum and the middle part of the small intestine is formed in the upper part of the duodenum. The total length of the small intestinal canal after this operation is between 2.5 and 3 m, i.e. it is shortened by a third or half, and the food passageway is shortened.

The effect is twofold: the person eats less and absorbs fewer nutrients. The advantage of this operation over a traditional gastric bypass is that only one connection is formed, between the duodenum and the ileum, instead of two. This slightly reduces the risk of joint failure, scarring and bleeding from the joint. Another advantage is that a slightly higher weight loss is observed.

SADI-S surgery is recommended and is more often performed on people who are very overweight and have type 2 diabetes, which is very well corrected, with blood sugar levels regulated, no need for medication, and improved quality of life. It also improves the condition of obese patients with polycystic ovary syndrome and hypercholesterolaemia.

However, it should be noted that deficiencies of vitamins, especially fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, are more common after this operation, as a large part of the small intestine is no longer involved in digestion. Protein deficiency can also occur occasionally if a person does not consume enough of it. Also, as the length of the intestine is reduced, patients have slightly more

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