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NEWMAN Bariatric Clinic is a clinic that prioritizes the health and well-being of each patient. Before any bariatric surgery, the team of doctors at the clinic conducts a thorough examination and a detailed assessment of the patient’s health. These highly qualified professionals combine their strengths and knowledge to ensure the success and results of the operation.

NEWMAN Bariatric Clinic team includes experienced doctors with different specialties of better understanding and detect all possible health problems: an endocrinologist, a nutritionist, a psychologist who helps the patient psychologically prepare for the operation and the changes after it, a bariatric surgeon who performs the operation itself, a plastic surgeon , responsible for the aesthetic options for solving problems after bariatric surgeries, and caring support coordinators who coordinate the entire process and help patients throughout the treatment.

The team at NEWMAN Bariatric Clinic understands that to achieve good results after bariatric surgery, it is necessary to properly prepare and plan everything down to the last detail. That is why the clinic’s specialists work as a single organism, ensuring that each patient receives an individual and caring approach.

Dr. Indrė Gustaitytė, dietician

Nutrition correction before and after operations

General practice nurse Lolita Zuozienė

Wound care, blood tests, patient care

Patient coordinators

Coordinator Lidia Deidamia Greco Zaiceva

Lidia advises patients in Spanish about the surgeries performed at the clinic and cares for them before and after these procedures. Lidia is our pride and help when a patient from abroad does not speak English, but only thanks to Lidia we all feel comfortable, because she is always there and helps us all communicate in Spanish. We invite you to get acquainted with Lidia’s family transformation story at the NEWMAN Clinic

Coordinator Agnė Vaičiulytė

Agnė consults clinic patients about bariatric surgeries and other abdominal procedures, she plans Prof. Antanas Mickevičius operations. Agnė fluent speaks in English, so we feel great when we welcome English-speaking patients and guests from other countries. Here is a short quote from NEWMAN Clinic patient about Agnė: “Thank you Agnė for your warm communication and helpfulness. It’s nice when such people work in this clinic”.

Obesity surgeon, prof. medical Dr. Antanas Mickevičius

Doctor endocrinologist, med. Dr. Dalia Daukšienė

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Martynas Norkus

Psychologist – psychotherapist Agnė Žvikaitė

Dr. Indrė Gustaitytė, dietician

General practice nurse Lolita Zuozienė

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