Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. High quality services, impeccable level of professionals, lower price tempts to come to a foreign country to perform various types of surgery. Bariatric surgery – gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and even revisional bariatric procedures are no exception. But how to choose? Why should Turkey be removed from the list, and Lithuania appear at the top? Newman Bariatric Clinic surgeon Antanas Mickevičius answers these questions.

As he said, clinics in Lithuania are modern and deluxe, while doctors use the latest and most reliable treatment methods with state-of-the-art operating equipment. Lithuania’s medical equipment, quality of care and follow up are strictly regulated by European standards, while Turkey cannot offer the same quality guarantee. So why choose Lithuania instead?

Shorter waiting line and less expensive treatments

Obesity surgery in Lithuania will save you approx. 20-60% of the surgery cost compared to most countries in Europe and the UK. Depending on the desired procedure scale it can save you a lot of money and time. You can still expect excellent treatment outcomes and the highest quality customer service despite lower prices. Also the waiting time for the procedure is not that long. Supposingly you don’t want to wait half a year or more to receive weight loss surgery in your country. In that case, you should consider Lithuania as an excellent alternative. You can book a free consultation with bariatric surgeon to find the waiting time for your desired procedure.

Lithuanian surgeons are among the best in the world

Lithuanian surgeons are experienced specialists with long years of experience performing weight loss procedures daily. They constantly participate in conferences and training to keep the standards up-to-date with the newest trends and practices. NEWMAN Bariatric Clinic surgeon, profesor Antanas Mackevičius is one of them. Over 20+ years of experience Dr. Antanas Mickevičius has been involved in general, upper GI, bariatric and gastric cancer surgery fields and carried out more than 6000 operations at emergency, state and privately-run hospitals. He specialises in different bariatric surgery procedures, including Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Bikini Line Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Plication, Revisional Bariatric surgery and Gastric Balloon. He also regularly conducts bariatric clinics in Lithuania and the UK, personally ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality of preparation before each surgery and post-operative follow-ups.

Lithuania is a hidden gem in Europe – you need to visit

Wherever you live, we’re on your doorstep. Lithuania is wonderfully accessible. It’s at the geographical centre of Europe, so is never more than a short flight away. Two international airports – Vilnius and Kaunas offer a wide range of flight routes for both, luxury and budget-friendly passengers. Regular ferry services connect Lithuania, Sweden and Germany. And there’s even a new railway route Rail Baltica that connects Lithuania to the rest of Europe via rail, so you can find your way here quickly and fuss-free. Whilst you may not be coming solely for a holiday, there’s no reason why can’t have a memorable time in beautiful surroundings. Lithuania is known for its picturesque nature and rich cultural heritage. In 2015 Lithuania was named #3 in the Lonely Planet’s top 10 countries to visit list. With a variety of resorts and retreat facilities, UNESCO protected seaside, astonishing architecture in the old town of the cities, we’re sure you’ll find a place to enrich your experience in Lithuania.

Travel package – surgery and accommodation

Exclusively for NEWMAN Bariatric Clinic clients, we offer a combined service package for your convenience. This is an appealing option with an arranged pick-up and drop-off from the airport, modern and comfortable accommodation in the city centre all required blood tests and a surgery itself. If you wish to have organisational matters sorted out for you, we are happy to ease your journey. All of our staff talks in different languages and ready to help you every step of the way.

Lithuania – a safe, reliable and top-class service country

Although Turkey still receives countless visitors in medical tourism, their services are not reliable. Many do not even know about unprofessional equipment, low-quality services, lack of education of doctors. Especially in bariatric surgery, where you often hear about severe complications, poor patient condition, poor weight loss results, or even death.

Therefore, choose responsibly – Lithuania and its professionals and impeccable reputation can be a great alternative in terms of price, but not quality. Here you will be taken care of 100 percent and the results will be visible very soon. We know we can do better and perform an excellent operations.

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