Various diets, sport, changed eating habits, but you still can’t achieve the desired result? You are not alone and there is a solution. In most cases, the optimal and effective way is a stomach reduction operation, the visible results of which are already enjoyed by thousands of NEWMAN Clinic patients throughout Lithuania and Europe. So which operation to choose? Are you a suitable candidate and what types of surgery are possible? Professor Antanas Mickevičius, obesity surgeon at NEWMAN Clinic, answers these questions.

Can I have surgery?

The way to fight overweight begins with a consultation with a doctor. We are proud that our team includes a recognized obesity surgeon in Lithuania and abroad Dr. Antanas Mickevičius. The professor has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in the field of obesity surgery, have performed thousands of operations in Lithuanian and British hospitals.

During the consultation, the patient’s needs are listened, the desired results are introduced, the patient’s previously tried methods, diets, eating habits are familiarized with, and the state of health is assessed. The main criterion on the basis of which the surgical treatment of obesity is proposed is the body mass index (BMI). If the patient suffers from obesity-related health problems: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, non-inflammatory joint disease – arthrosis, infertility, then surgery can be performed if the body mass index is 30 or more. When the BMI reaches 35 or more, a person may not have co-morbidities, but he may still be recommended for surgical treatment.

Obesity is caused by many aspects: poor nutrition, low physical activity. Inheritance also plays an important role. It is estimated that obesity can be the cause of more than 50 different diseases. Losing excess weight and changing your lifestyle can cure most diseases and ailments.

Program for great results and possible types of operation

Obesity (bariatric) surgery is one of the most effective long-term methods of overweight treatment today. We believe that every patient’s path to a healthier and more balanced life can be a harmonious one. For this, it is important to choose the right specialists who will accompany you throughout the treatment path: from examinations to post-operative care. With long-term international experience in the field of obesity treatment, we have developed weight loss programs for our patients, which are based on the knowledge of our specialists and extensive medical research. That is why we have gathered specialists in our field who will accompany you on a new journey of change:

• Personal operation coordinator.

• Obesity (bariatric) surgeon.

• Dietitian doctor.

• Doctor endocrinologist.

• Psychologist – psychotherapist.

• Plastic surgeon.

• Massage specialist.

• Sports specialist.

At the NEWMAN clinic, we perform all globally recognized gastric reduction surgeries and other less invasive obesity treatment methods:

• Laparoscopic gastric bypass.

• Laparoscopic gastric resection.

• Aesthetic bikini line laparoscopic gastric resection.

• Laparoscopic gastric plication.

• Revision (repeated) stomach reduction operations.

• Intragastric gastric balloon implantation.

The three most popular operations

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery (Gastric Bypass)

One of the most popular and effective stomach reduction operations is the gastric bypass. During this operation, a new, smaller stomach is formed and it is disconnected from the large stomach. In addition, a bypass is created, thanks to which the moving food bypasses the rest of the stomach and part of the small intestine. A small amount of food can fit into your new small stomach – you will feel full faster and eat less. This operation is recommended for patients with gastroesophageal reflux and diabetes. Weight loss after gastric bypass surgery is faster than after other surgeries. Scientific studies have proven that this is the most effective procedure to ensure long-term weight loss. In order to achieve the best result, it is very important to form new eating habits after surgery.

Gastric Sleeve

The NEWMAN clinic also performs the popular “sleeve” operation. This operation is named so because during it the surgeon forms a new, smaller and narrower stomach, which in its shape resembles a sleeve (tube). During it, about 70-80% of the stomach volume is removed, so food portions after the operation are significantly reduced. Stomach capacity becomes much smaller, thanks to which you eat less, you feel full faster. Food moves naturally through your intestines. This operation is recommended for patients with diabetes. After this operation, it is necessary to control yourself – try not to overeat, form new eating habits and follow the nutritionist’s recommendations.

Aesthetic bikini line gastric resection (Bikini Line Gastric Sleeve)

Aesthetic bikini line gastrectomy is identical to conventional gastrectomy, except that during this operation, all incisions in the abdominal wall are made in the bikini area and one in the navel area.

Why consult?

Professional consultation is the right way to a new life. With the help of specialists, you will be able to decide whether the operation is suitable for you, how long it will last, what and when the results will be visible. A bariatric surgeon will advise which of the following is most suitable for you. So don’t hesitate, contact us with various questions – we are ready to help.

If you have any questions or would like to register for a bariatric surgeon’s consultation, you can do so by contacting us by phone or conveniently filling out a short registration form on our website.

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